July 29 – Arrival & first prepararions

Yesterday (July 29), the first members of the SECORE team arrived on Curacao. Unlike other years, all the luggage arrived at the same time, so we’re very happy! After arranging the cars and settling in the apartment, Valerie Chamberland (Phd student at CARMABI and the University of Amsterdam) joined for a nice local dinner at the waterside of Boca Sami. Just a few hours later, everybody crashed into bed for a good night sleep.


So it’s time for a small introduction of the members we have here now:


  • Valerie Chamberland – Phd student at CARMABI and the University of Amsterdam, working on the Acropora restoration project year round and responsible for the workshop schedule and the experiments during the workshop.
  • Jeremy van Holland – assisting with the logistics and supporting the SECORE crew in general
  • Bob Snowden – aquarist at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium and among others organizing a brooder workshop during this event
  • Claartje VisserCLAARTJEVISSER.NL, responsible for the weblog and social media
  • Dirk PetersenSECORE Foundation, together with Mike Brittsan from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, responsible for the overall organization of the workshop
  • David van Bergen – born and raised in Curacao, David knows the island like no other. He is responsible for the logistics during the workshop. He supports the aquarists and researchers by organizing materials and equipment, as well as taking care of food and groceries.

Not in the picture but also here:

Mike Brittsan – Curator of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, is together with Dirk Petersen responsible for the overall organization of the workshop. Mike brought his son Jim Brittsan, to become acquainted with the coral reefs and the conservation need.

Last but not least: Paul Selvaggio – professional photographer and videographer, creative director of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Since he is our photographer, he probably won’t be in many pictures. However, we will try to get some shots of him as well, since he is very important for documenting our work, and because he is a nice guy!

Today we will continue with the preparations to get everything ready in time for the workshop. We will update the weblog as soon as possible! In the meantime, feel free to share this update with friends, colleagues and family, and help us spread the word or leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “July 29 – Arrival & first prepararions

  1. Happy Collecting Everyone!!! Wish I was there again this year! Don’t forget to wear your 3M to spanish waters and collect a little extra for me!

  2. Hey guys, when I select a blog entry to read from the home page, I can not go back again with the back button on my browser.

    • Hey Charles, that’s weird… What browser are you using? Tested it with Chrome and Internet Explorer and it works fine here… Perhaps you could use the home button in the main navigation to get back?

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