July 30 – More preparations

The day started early with running quite a few errands to get everyone together for a short meeting with the SECORE crew. We went through the workshop, diving and lab work schedule with Valerie and defined what still needed to be done in preparation.
Bob demonstrated the new spawning nets, which are based on the nets of last year, but again with some improvements we hope. The nets look great, so we can’t wait to use them under water. As already mentioned on our Facebookpage, we would like to thank Bob, Sara, Ashley, Scott, Jess, and Kat again for helping with the assembly of these nets!

When all was said and done, Mike, Dirk, Bob, Paul, David and Jim went to the Sea Aquarium for a meeting with Dutch Schrier, the owner of the Sea Aquarium. They discussed the workshop, the progess of the project, organization and logistics. Then, it was time to tidy up the dive room and dry lab. Equipment had to be brought in, some light bulbs needed to be changed, duplicate keys for both rooms had to be arranged, as well as dive weights for all participants of the workshop.

Right after lunch and refreshments at Augustos, the second bus needed to be picked up at the airport car rental. From there the group went straight to CARMABI for another meeting with Dr. Mark Vermeij about the workshop and the research program.

At the end of this busy day, we all had a quiet dinner at the SECORE house and went to bed again pretty early, to be energized for the coming day. All other participants are on their way, so within a few hours the workshop will be officially starting!


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