July 31 – Arranging dive gear and check dive #1

First thing in the morning, we went to Atlantis Diving to arrange the dive gear, tanks and weights. Since we have a pretty large group of participants, it is a large quantity of dive gear, and we are very pleased Atlantis Diving supports us with this.

After everything was loaded up into our two buses, we headed straight to the Sea Aquarium to offload everything and get ready for our first check dive.

Mike and Jim would place the marker bottles for the spawning dives, Claartje would assist Paul with the photography and videography and the rest of the group (Bob, Jeremy and David) would explore the Sea Aquarium dive site.

It turned out to be a relaxing dive, with great visibility, even though we saw many Lion Fishes, which are currently invading the Caribbean. Bob salvaged some weight from the reef as well as a plastic bag. At the end of the dive, Mike and Jim checked the water inlets of the coral nursery, which are very important in creating the optimal water conditions for our larvae.

Of course, we made some great pictures for you to enjoy and share!


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