August 1 – Check dive #2 and Public lecture evening

Dive safety is very important, so we always perform a check dive with our new participants. That way they can get accustomed to diving in the open sea, get acquainted with the collection dive site during the day, see where the marker bottles are placed, and get to know the safe entrance and exit points. Meanwhile, Dirk guided the participants who have been working with us on Curacao before on a fun dive.

Thanks to Paul we have again some great pictures to share with you.

Lecture evening at the Curacao Sea Aquarium

In the evening the public lectures evening took place at the nice and spacious Dolphin Terrace of the Sea Aquarium.

Dirk Petersen (SECORE Foundation) & Mike Brittsan (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium) opened the evening with a presentation about the SECORE conservation project. They explained what has been done since the establishment of the coral nursery at the Curacao Sea Aquarium and how the key objective in this research project is to find out what exactly helps coral babies to grow and survive. All in order to to find new ways to save endangered corals using sexual reproduction.

Dr. Mark Vermeij of CARMABI held an interesting presentation about some of the latest findings on the dynamics that occur during  earliest life stages of corals. He explained how coral larvae are by far not the passive creatures they were once believed to be. They “hear”, smell, feel and see and as such are capable of all sensory options that characterize “higher” organisms.


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