August 9 – Clean up morning, SECORE video at the Sea Aquarium and visit to Willemstad

Clean up morning

With the workshop almost over, the time had come to do our chores. All participants had to tidy up their apartment and pack their bags, and we also needed to clean the laboratory at the Sea Aquarium.

We were just in time to see the brand new LCD monitors that the Sea Aquarium had put up next to the coral culture system. A beautiful video – see below – will be displayed, explaining what SECORE is all about.

Visit to Willemstad

After a few hours of hard work, it was time for some fun. We all headed to Willemstad for a local lunch at the famous ‘Plaza Bieu’ (which means ‘old market’). Then, everybody was free to explore the city for a few hours, to photograph the colored houses at the harbor entrance, pay a visit to the floating market, cross the pontoon bridge, and buy some souvenirs.

Farewell dinner

We ended the day in a very relaxed atmosphere with home made hamburgers and drinks. The next morning all participants had to leave –  some departed very early – except for Bob Snowden, Paul Selvaggio, Mitch Carl and Mark Schick. They will stay for a few more days to help Valérie Chamberland with counting and settling the larvae.

We would like to thank all our participants for their dedication and hard work during this workshop! Please spread the word as well as SECORE’s work, and we hope to see you all again!


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