The Foundation

Collecting Staghorn eggs - CuracaoSECORE combines the knowledge of scientists and public aquarium professionals to develop effective strategies for coral reef conservation using research, education, and public outreach.

Results of collaborative research efforts will be applied to our field-based activities around the globe. The outreach and education programs of SECORE’s public aquarium and zoo partners annually reach millions of visitors and school children around the world.

The idea of SECORE was born in 2002 with the innovative coral breeding research of Dr. Dirk Petersen at the Rotterdam Zoo. Two years later, Mike Brittsan, M.Sc., of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (USA) joined Petersen to establish SECORE in the USA. Today, SECORE has become the main coral reef conservation project in zoos and public aquariums around the world.

SECORE was established as a non-profit foundation in 2012; originally set up to tackle the loss of coral reefs in the Caribbean, we now plan to expand our program on a global scale.

Together with its associated public aquariums, SECORE reaches millions of people to spread the word about the dramatic situation of our ocean and what we can do about it.





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