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Coral reefs — Unique but threatened with extinction!

The tropical coral reef is the most diverse marine ecosystem in the world giving shelter to tens of thousands animal species, generating global economic value and serving as an important source for new medicines.

Yet today coral reefs are dying: pollution, overfishing, climate change and ocean acidification are all destroying the reefs we depend on. As one of the most sensitive ecosystems, coral reefs will potentially disappear before other biological realms follow.

SECORE is working to stop the dramatic decline of coral reefs

SECORE’s restoration program provides a helping hand to promote corals to reproduce again. Gametes collected during annual mass spawning events in the ocean are fertilized in the laboratory and embryos are cultured in a special rearing system. Resulting larvae are settled on specific substrates and are then returned to the reef.

Without this help, the tiny larvae would have very low survival on the reef given the anthropogenic threats present which hinder successful development and settlement of the larvae. In 2010, the first SECORE breeding center was established on the Caribbean island of Curacao (Netherlands Antilles). This center is focusing on reproductive research of the critically endangered Elkhorn coral and its restoration on the reef. As a result of SECORE’s efforts a few thousand coral juveniles have been already reintroduced to the local reefs of Curacao.

There is a great need to expand SECORE’s coral restoration program in more locations around the world as coral reefs continue to decline. Scientists agree that many coral species will only survive if we give them a helping hand!

Contact for donations

There are several ways you can support the work of SECORE and help coral reefs!
Please contact for more information:


Mike Brittsan



Dirk Petersen



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